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Service Catalogue and Materials Quality Testing Procedures

The purpose of non-destructive testing is to determine the quality and the compliance of test subjects (materials, welded joints, castings, forgings, etc.) by using standards or requirements set by the customer without physically reshaping or damaging the subject itself. For more information, please contact us via phone +386 (0)41 / 654-856 or send us your request.

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    Certifikacija osebja

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    Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

    Ultrasonic testing uses sound waves (ultrasound), which pass through ultrasonic instrument-probe and are reflected on the border areas, geometrical irregularities, defects. We evaluate and asses the reflection detected on the screen. We carry out ultrasonic testing of materials (double layering), welded joints, shafts, Material Thickness measurements by using KRAUTKRAMER instruments.
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    Radiographic Testing (RT)

    Radiography is a volumetric testing used to detect and evaluate defects within the materials, welds, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. The testing is carried out using X-ray devices or lr-192 isotopes (gamma radiation)
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    Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

    MT is used to detect and evaluate defects on the surface or directly under the surface. It can only be used on the materials, which can be magnetized. Magnetic particles generate magnetic field and accumulate around any defects. MT is carried out by using portable hand-held magnets. We use color-contrast as well as fluorescent suspension (UV light).
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    Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)

    PT is carried out by using color-contrast liquid penetrants in order to detect defects on the surface, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. The testing works on the principle of capillary action, which means that the penetrant that is applied onto the tested area, has the ability to penetrate into defects, faults.
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    Visual Testing (VT)

    VT detects and assesses qualitative properties of the item by using the human eye. Visual testing is carried out with a direct procedure by using accessories such as mirrors, magnifiers, sliding scales and lamps.

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